BC.GAME Celebrates Argentina’s Win Through a Huge Jackpot Lottery Event

BC.GAME Celebrates Argentina’s Win Through a Huge Jackpot Lottery Event

AFA has taken BC.GAME as a crypto sponsor during FIFA World Cup 2022, where Argentina and France fought in great sportsmanship. The game was described as historical, especially since it was Argentina’s time to yield their third championship title after 36 long years of playing. The game has jerked tears and emotions inside and outside the field.

Even BC.GAME was so overwhelmed with a splendid fight which made them announce a $100000 lottery event to their VIP customers. To join the upcoming event, BC.GAME will send the mechanics and rules in the emails to each of the BC.GAME VIP participants anytime from now. You can still join the upcoming Lottery by availing of VIP passes in the online casino.

About BC.GAME and AFA Partnership

It was a surprising yet possible partnership that every trader could’ve thought of. BC.GAME has been rising to the top for every successful game, event, and competition they presented. Meanwhile, AFA has its arms open for online casinos like BC.GAME, especially for a sponsorship. Still, it’s perfect timing for both parties to collaborate, considering how they’ve just become a part of great history.

BC.GAME celebrates Argentina’s victory through another anticipated lottery where participants can win up to $100,000. Meanwhile, AFA continues its legacy of promoting football around the world. The collaboration is overall complementary to each other, and investors are expecting more opportunities in the online casino from now on.

How BC.GAME Became Successful in the Crypto Casino Industry

It was all over the blogs and newspapers that BC.GAME was established last 2016, yet the performance they are showing in the online casino industry is unlike any other. As you may know, there are hundreds or probably thousands of online casinos emerging on the internet, and the competition is high.

But still, BC.GAME was able to stand out through its level of entertainment, creativity, and promos. They pose the most commonly played casino games, host sports betting events, and sometimes also offer raffles with jaw-dropping prizes. Unlike other online casinos, they are not afraid of transparency, and their honesty makes many investors trust them.

Advertisements also come hand in hand with the said online casino. We can notice that they are very hands-on when it comes to disseminating promotions prior to the designated date. Overall, it’s a common denominator and agreeable statement for sports bettors, fanatics, and participants to love BC.GAME.

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