Card Games For Two Players – Perfect for Date Night

Card Games For Two Players – Perfect for Date Night

Card games are an integral part of life. Combining chance with strategy for endless fun, here are a few of our favorites below.

Slapjack is an exciting two-player card game in which competitors race against one another to be the first one to slap each Jack card that’s played! Perfect for competitive couples!

Old Maid

Old Maid is one of the top card games for two players and is simple and fun to play. Simply pair up and discard cards until all pairs have been used up – the player with unpaired Queen at the end loses.

You can purchase specially made decks designed to play the game, or you can simply use a standard 52-card pack – just be sure to remove one of the Queens before shuffling and dealing.

Once the cards have been distributed, each player should inspect them and dispose of any pairs they find (it’s OK if not all players have exactly equal numbers of cards). After doing this, players pass their remaining face down cards along to their neighbor on the left.

Double Solitaire

This easy two player card game is extremely enjoyable and fast-moving – perfect for an evening date night at home! Guaranteed to get hearts racing!

Players compete against one another in this variant of classic patience or solitaire card game. Both have individual tableaus but share foundation piles containing sets of cards from Ace to King in ascending order.

The rest of the board is structured similarly to classic Solitaire; each player will have his or her own stock pile, draw pile, and talon.

Starting off, the player with the lowest card on either of the stock piles begins – or in case of a tie, who holds lowest cards across both piles. A turn-based game is won when its participants can clear their table first.


Slapjack is a fast-paced card game for two players that relies on adding the top card from their deck face down into a middle pile face down. When a jack appears, whoever hits it first wins that pile – this continues until all cards have been used up or someone runs out of cards!

Some players use special decks with jokers and wildcards to add extra challenge. If this is not for you, simply follow the standard rules instead.

Codenames is another engaging board game which requires you and your partner to eliminate words based on cryptic clues. Not only is this great fun for couples or raunchy laughs alone, but you can customize this dare game further for added fun!


Speed is an exciting two-player card game using a standard deck of cards, guaranteed to get your heart beating faster and adrenaline pumping! Players compete to discard cards into the center single pile one by one until all their hands match or surpass those on top – no matter which suit.

Once a player runs out of cards they declare “Speed!” and win. It’s an enjoyable way to challenge your mind while strengthening concentration skills while spending quality time with friends or a significant other.


As many individuals withdraw or isolate themselves during the coronavirus pandemic, keeping busy at home becomes even more vital than ever. Card games are an easy way to keep yourself and loved ones busy at home during this difficult time.

Double Solitaire is an entertaining card game that requires concentration and strategy to enjoy. Players must shuffle and sort their piles according to suiting and ranking; additionally, this presents an excellent opportunity for practicing math skills.

Slapjack promises an exhilarating night by challenging both players to outwit each other in an attempt to grab hold of all Jack cards that have been dealt from the center and claim them as theirs! In order to claim success at Slapjack, both must compete to slap down first whichever highest card comes their way and claim it for themselves!

Spit is the ideal two player card game if you prefer something faster. This fast-paced yet lengthy card game will have you slapping your hand with joy in victory!

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