How Casino Comps Work and How to Get More of Them

How Casino Comps Work and How to Get More of Them

Comps are one of the primary ways casinos reward players for playing their games. These free rewards are given to those who regularly engage in your favorite titles and have a players club membership.

Benefits such as free drinks, room discounts and entertainment tickets can be quite appealing to high rollers; however, collecting more of these rewards may prove challenging for those with bigger bankrolls.

Table games

Comps are one of the most effective marketing tools casinos use to reward loyal players with rewards and encourage them to return for more gaming action.

Casinos also use comps as a way of encouraging their customers to bet longer and higher. Unfortunately, some players mistakenly associate their self-worth with how many comps they receive.

Without caution, you could end up playing into the casino’s hands and risk more money than your comps are worth. That is why it’s essential to know how to maximize your share of casino comps.

First and foremost, you need to join a casino’s Players Club. After that, you can start playing any game within the casino and earn player points that count toward rewards.

Slot machines

Casino comps are an excellent way to maximize your trip to a casino. They may include free drinks, meals or rooms; however it’s essential that you understand how they work and how you can maximize their benefits.

Slot machines are a popular form of gambling, particularly in Las Vegas. Not only are they enjoyable to play but can often pay out large jackpots as well.

Slot machines, however, tend to be high-risk games due to their typically low hit frequencies and large number of lost spins.

To maximize your chances of winning, it’s necessary to be able to predict which symbols will appear on the reels and which won’t. This is no small feat!

Many casinos use a point system that assigns points to players based on their play and betting activity. These points are then used by the casino to decide what comps they can offer players.

Hotel rooms

If you’re planning a hotel stay for business or pleasure, getting a free room is an excellent way to save money. But how do you go about getting one?

Casinos handle comps differently, but the basic principle is based on your average bet per hour. That figure is determined by the house edge in each game you play, how much money you bring to the table, and how many bets you place.

When playing slots or table games, keep your average bets as high as possible to maximize your chances of receiving comps. It is also wise to inform the floorperson how much you are betting frequently so they can input that number into the computer that calculates comps for you.

Additionally, you can request a room upgrade at check-in. This is especially beneficial if you plan to stay multiple nights. Be polite and friendly when making the request, and explain why you would like an upgrade.


Comps are the casino’s way of incentivizing you to stay longer and play more. They can range from complimentary drinks and rooms, to meals and meals on us!

One of the most sought-after comps is a free drink, which you typically receive when playing slot machines or table games. A cocktail waitress will come by and ask what you would like.

Another type of comp is a free meal, which could range from buffet to an actual restaurant meal. These can be especially advantageous for high rollers who bring their entire family to the casino.

Gaining access to more casino comps can be a challenge, though. The most efficient way of maximizing your membership is by becoming a VIP member of their player rewards program. Not only do you receive these benefits but you are also entitled to access to exclusive lounge and concierge services at the casino – some casinos even have their own website for added convenience!

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