The Online Rummy Federation

The Online Rummy Federation

The online rummy federation (TORF) is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to create a level playing field for the industry by developing and facilitating standards and common practices. It also works to create a self-regulatory system for the industry, which is a key part of the TORF’s mission. The organization’s new name is a more fitting reflection of its goals.

In 2018, The Online Rummy Federation began self-regulating its member rummy operators and developed an industry code of conduct that defines what constitutes a fair game. The Code outlines the standards that rummy operators must meet, and TORF hires independent third-party auditors to ensure compliance. The organization also certifies qualifying member rummy operators against these standards. This means that all online rummy operators have complied with stringent standards and are not engaging in practices that would violate its Code.

The game is played with thirteen cards, available in the app. The player can play with K100 or K500, and e-wallet accounts are accepted for payment. The game’s unique design also allows players to practice their cognitive and strategy skills. Regardless of skill level, the app is free to download, uses the latest technology, and offers round-the-clock tech support. There are approximately 30 million people playing rummy at any given time.

TORF is committed to creating a safe gaming industry and has made an official representation to the Honourable Chief Minister asking that online gambling be regulated. The organization hopes to be the first voluntarily incorporated self-regulatory body in the Indian online gaming industry. As an organization, TORF seeks to promote responsible gaming, fair environments, and safe platforms for online rummy. In the meantime, the online rummy federation will continue its work to protect the interests of players and ensure that the game remains a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

While the court’s ruling may be a setback for online rummy players, the federation is eager to work with the government to maintain the status of the game in the state of Kerala. In fact, the ruling of the High Court of Kerala quashing the ban reflects the position of the TORF. This case is an important step in protecting rummy as a game of skill in India.

The online rummy federation also offers legal protection to people who become addicted to the game. The online rummy federation has a website dedicated to promoting safe games. Despite its popularity, it is still illegal in some states. The Online Gambling Act (PGLA) prohibits betting on games of chance, including online rummy. In many states, such as Florida, there is no legal definition of gambling, but it is an illegal activity.

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